Eliteserien – round 14

Using the latest statistics from the Eliteserien, here are the predictions for this week’s fixtures based on each team’s strengths and weaknesses

Eliteserien 2024: Predictions for This Week’s Fixtures

Using the latest statistics from the Eliteserien, here are the predictions for this week’s fixtures based on each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sarpsborg 08 vs. Rosenborg

Sarpsborg 08:

  • xG Difference: -6.4
  • Possession: 52.8%


  • xG Difference: +1.0
  • Possession: 52.1%
  • Yellow Cards: 27

Prediction: Rosenborg’s slight positive xG difference and similar possession stats suggest a close match. However, Sarpsborg’s defensive vulnerabilities could be exploited by Rosenborg’s attack. Despite Rosenborg’s disciplinary issues, their ability to edge out a positive xG gives them a slight advantage.

  • Predicted Result: Rosenborg win 2-1

Fredrikstad vs. Molde


  • xG Difference: +1.1
  • Possession: 38.8%


  • xG Difference: +12.2
  • Possession: 52.5%
  • Red Cards: 0

Prediction: Molde’s strong xG difference and disciplined play make them favorites in this encounter. Fredrikstad’s low possession might hinder their ability to control the game against a well-balanced Molde side.

  • Predicted Result: Molde win 3-1

Lillestrøm vs. Strømsgodset


  • Possession: 51.4%
  • Yellow Cards: 16


  • xG Difference: -3.4
  • Possession: 44.3%

Prediction: Lillestrøm’s midfield control and disciplined approach give them an edge over Strømsgodset, who struggle with consistency and have a negative xG difference.

  • Predicted Result: Lillestrøm win 2-0

Odd vs. HamKam


  • xG Difference: -8.6
  • Possession: 42.2%


  • xG Difference: -4.2
  • Possession: 37.7%

Prediction: Both teams have significant defensive issues, but Odd’s slightly better xG difference and possession stats may give them a narrow edge in this battle.

  • Predicted Result: Odd win 1-0

Sandefjord vs. Bodø/Glimt


  • xG Difference: -3.9
  • Possession: 52.4%


  • Expected Goals (xG): 25.5
  • Shots on Target: 5.3 per game
  • Possession: 61.1%

Prediction: Bodø/Glimt’s offensive strength and superior possession stats make them heavy favorites. Sandefjord’s struggles in front of goal will likely be their downfall against Bodø/Glimt’s potent attack.

  • Predicted Result: Bodø/Glimt win 3-0

Viking vs. Kristiansund


  • xGA: 17.4
  • Possession: 54.0%


  • xGA: 23.5
  • Yellow Cards: 24

Prediction: Viking’s better defensive stats and higher possession rate suggest they will control the game. Kristiansund’s defensive vulnerabilities and disciplinary issues could be costly.

  • Predicted Result: Viking win 2-1

Brann vs. Haugesund

240520 Spectators in the stands celebrates after 2-2 during the Eliteserien match between Kristiansund and Brann on May 20, 2024 in Kristiansund.


  • xG: 29.7
  • Corners For: 8.3 per game
  • Possession: 63.3%


  • xGA: 20.0
  • Possession: 50.9%

Prediction: Brann’s strong offensive play, particularly in set-pieces, and high possession stats make them favorites against Haugesund, who will likely struggle to contain Brann’s attack.

  • Predicted Result: Brann win 3-1

Tromsø vs. KFUM Oslo


  • xG: 18.0
  • Possession: 49.1%

KFUM Oslo:

  • xGA: 13.0
  • Possession: 51.5%

Prediction: KFUM Oslo’s strong defensive record and balanced possession make them slight favorites. Tromsø’s efficient attack will test KFUM, but their solid defense should hold up.

  • Predicted Result: KFUM Oslo win 1-0

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